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Marina Holyder Residence – Holiday rentals by the Lake of Der

Lac du Der

Discover the lake of Der

The biggest Western Europe artificial lake with 48 km2 of surface!
Lake of Der is also world-famous as major ornithological site. And especially a place to visit during cranes migration.

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The lake of Der

A friendly holiday spot

Our cottages are designed for relaxation, comfort and simply enjoying life. Colored houses, harmonious marriage of lively pastels colors for the wood shutters and a natural warm feeling with the wood interior.

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Jet-shi the lake of Der

Activities for all !

THE SPACE SPA (swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, hammam) is opened all year long. Water sport, windsurfing, catamaran, canoe, water-skiing, jet-ski, hiking, tennis, basketball, beach, pedal boat, mini golf, children’s playground, small train…..

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Résidence Marina Holyder
11 Presqu'Ile de Rougemer
Station Nautique
51290 Giffaumont-Champaubert

+333 26 72 84 04

La réception est ouverte de 8h à 12h et de 16h à 19h (tous les jours).
Disabled access friendly


Marina Holyder, partner of the festival

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